Photo shoots

Photoshoots underwater are exciting, surprising and fun. The results are usually great.

MODELLING. If you would like to model and get underwater photos of yourself, we can arrange for that. Water temperature in The Netherlands is bearable (>16 degrees, up to 22 degrees) between end of May and start of autumn. Contact me for inquiries.

Dutch Diving chess championship 2022

More photos on Flickr. This was a fun night in Groningen, end 2022. Read the full story here (in Dutch)

dutch underwater art

Dutch Underwater Art is a collaboration between UW photographer Cor Kuyvenhoven and me. We ask for a contribution to cover the costs, generally ~ 75 Euro pp. Usually we go to Vinkeveen, the Spiegelpolderplas or we arrange for a swimming pool. In 2020 we did a calendar shoot for the Amsterdam based swimming team Upstream. It was great fun and the calendar came out really nice. Have a look at our Instagram page for more photos.

Personal projects

I also do projects with modelling projects myself. Here some examples from Amsterdam, Curacao, Egypt and the North Sea.

2 gedachtes over “Photo shoots

  1. Hallo Oscar welch eine tolle Seite. Sollten Petra und ich heiraten, wirst du unser Fotograf. LG Bernhard und Petra

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