North Sea fish, birds and mammals

The North Sea is not a grey cold body of dirty water, as many people think. Further offshore, the water becomes clear and in summer it can be tropical blue. In the past years, I had the opportunity to photograph a lot of North Sea species.

NON-COMMERCIAL. If you need North Sea photos for non-commercial (scientific) purposes, and you are low on a budget, have a look at the WUR Marine and freshwater photo collection and search with key words. For example: benthos, soft corals (Alcyonium digitatum) , anemones (e.g. Metridium senile), sponges, fish, hydrozoa, bivalves, crabs (e.g. Cancer pagurus), hermit crabs, etc.

COMMERCIAL. If you need photos for a website, magazine or other purpose we offer you them for a reasonable price. Scuba diving gear, diving trips and especially under water camera equipment are quite expensive. You help me to maintain my gear, buy lenses and make photography possible. Contact me for inquiries.



Marine mammals

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